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Unlock The Mighty QR Code with Autonix.

Organize & collect scan data from QR Codes across your entire organization.

Why Autonix

A Complete QR Code Solution

Dynamic QR Code Generator

Every Autonix Tracker sits behind a unique trackable dynamic QR Code and URL Generator, ready to be customized, printed and scanned in minutes.

Change QR Code behavior without reprinting.

Scan Analytics & Reports

Never be in the dark again about the performance of your QR Codes. Optimize marketing campaigns, people flows, messaging and more.

Great for marketing & operational insight.

Small & Large Team Support

Autonix was built for both single accounts and large organizations alike. Easily managed permission based groupings keep the right people in the know.

Organized solution for one, ten, or a thousand+ team members!

Secure & Trusted

Data is our business and we take it very seriously, including daily security audits, data encryption, and enforceable access.

Trusted by US Govt, Healthcare, Public & Private Co's.

Trusted By Companies That Value Trust.

United States Government
Healthcare Organizations
Public Companies
Retail & Agencies

Autonix is used by

Use our QR Code generator for trackable dynamic QR Codes. From simple website redirects and vcards, to complex data collection landing pages, we have you covered. Made in California, trusted and secure.

Robust QR Code Generator

Organized & Effortless Analytics

QR Scans, Stats + KPI Dashboard

Scales Across Your Organization

Autonix Visitor Management Testimonial
"The Autonix QR Code Generator allows us to unify our QR Codes, and view decision making insights into how they are being scanned."
- Sebastian Marks, Marketing Manager

A Dynamic QR Code Platform to suite the needs of your entire organization.

Scan To URL

The most common use of our QR Code Generator. Create a Dynamic QR Code to automatically redirect to any URL. Autonix tracks QR Code Scans / Clicks to monitor performance. It's dynamic so you can change the endpoint at any time!

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Landing Pages

Make any QR Code "data rich." Collect visitor data before heading to any web destination including name, email, phone and more. Prompt additional information or questions. Monitor key performance metrics like impressions, conversions and form completions.

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Check-In System

Implement a light weight on-site contactless visitor check-in solution with the scan of a QR Code. Scan again to check-out. Monitor the coming/going of employees, vendors and visitors to an address or event.

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Trackable vCARDs

Easily share your personal or business credentials at the scan of a QR Code with a vCard, a great modern adornment to a business card or any advertisement. Like everything on Autonix, they are trackable and dynamic.

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WIFI Login / Credentials

Enhance visitor experiences and save employee time by sharing the WIFI credentials at the scan of a dynamic QR Code.

Initiate SMS & Calls

Initiate phone calls and SMS messages from the scan of a QR Code, including the ability to pre-fill text messages. A great way to avoid visitor error.

Visitor Tracking & Management

Implementing a visitor management system through dynamic QR Code tracking and trackable links gives you unparalleled insight into everything from marketing performance KPIs to the health, safety, and security of your visitors.

Visitor Analytics

Make qualitative business decisions with a powerful visitor analytics dashboard. Monitor each tracker and visualize actionable visitor trends such as peaks hours, conversion rates, time on-site and more. Integrate events into Google Analytics or beyond with our API.

Dynamic Trackable QR Code Tracking & Check-in

Eliminate pen & paper, long lines, redundant data entry, blind marketing and crowds by offering a simple to implement contactless visitor check-in option with dynamic QR Codes, Kiosk check-ins, and custom trackable URLs.

Three Steps To Trackable Dynamic QR Codes

1. Create a QR Code Tracker

With Autonix, it all starts with a "Tracker," the fundamental way we identify, define and organize any type of QR Code, link, or contactless check-in system.

2. Share using our QR Code Generator

Customize your QR Codes and Tracker links with a variety of tools. Change the color, QR Code type, add a logo, and more with our QR Code Generator. Download print ready QR Codes in PNG, EPS, and SVG formats ready for wherever you're going to share them.

3. Watch The Data Flow!

Say goodbye to static QR Codes forever. Every QR Code is dynamic and trackable, backed with dozens of data points. Use this information for a variety of decision making opportunities. Take advantage of dynamic QR Codes by updating behavior after they've been shared.

We have what customers
have been asking for.

After countless conversations with customers, they want...

"We want more visitor insight into our QR Codes."

Autonix turns QR Code scans into valuable business insights.

"We want a single solution across our company."

Autonix allows for companies big and small to organize all their QR Codes and their data into a singular platform, with easy to manage access controls.

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Focus on your business.
Autonix makes visitor tracking with dynamic QR Codes, and management easy for you.

Autonix is an easy to implement visitor tracking and management solution. Simply implement trackable dynamic QR Code types like Locations, Passpoints, vCards and more for contactless check-ins and tracking solution using our custom QR Code Generator or trackable URLs. Autonix is there for you if you need it, otherwise there is nothing to do once you complete the quick setup and share the tracking dynamic QR Codes and Links!

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What are Dynamic QR Codes?

Dynamic QR Codes allow their creators to change a QR Code's functionality at any time without changing the original QR Code. Alternatively, "static" QR Codes are a fixed representation of what was created and the only way to change it is physically replace the QR Code with a new one. A static QR Code generator has just one advantage. It cannot be changed. This can be a desired feature for some customers, however if you utilize a static QR Code, and you need to make a change later, you must physically replace that QR Code. This is not ideal if you have placed a QR Code in print. All of Autonix QR Codes are dynamic and trackable!

How do I create a Dynamic QR Code?

A dynamic QR code is easy to create with Autonix. Since all Autonix QR Codes are dynamic, simply create a new Autonix Tracker, customize your QR Code, and with our QR Code Generator download a PNG, SVG or EPS version of the QR Code. Whenever someone scans your new QR Code, they will be routed through Autonix's software to determine the most recent behavior (such as visit your website). Should you need to change what happens when visitors scan your QR Code, there's no need to replace it. Simply login to your Autonix account, and update the behavior. It will instantly change all future scans.

Why Are Other QR Code Generators Free?

The short answer is you get what you pay for. A Free QR Code Generator may get you the QR Code you are looking for in the moment, but most of the time it is static. When you work with static QR Codes, the QR Code itself is embedded with all of the information it needs to function. If you need to change any of that information, you need to make and distribute a new QR Code.

On other occasions, you may think the QR Code you are generating is "free" and then one day it stops working. Some competitors utilize their QR Code Generators to bring in customers and minimize the language around cost. If you create, print and distribute a QR Code and it stops working, chances are you are going to be forced to pay for a service you didnt know you signed up for.

Autonix primarily creates trackable dynamic QR Codes with its QR Code Generator. What that allows you to do is create and distribute one QR Code and from that point on it is always modifiable and trackable. When a QR Code is dynamic/trackable, it requires a server to talk to, which is why there is a cost.

What are the most common uses of dynamic QR Codes?

Dynamic QR codes are a type of QR code that can be edited and customized after they have been printed or displayed. They are often used in marketing and advertising campaigns, as they allow businesses to quickly and easily update the information or content that is associated with the QR code.

Some common uses for dynamic QR codes include:

  • Tracking and analyzing campaign performance: Dynamic QR codes can be used to track the number of scans and the location of the scans, which can be helpful for analyzing the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
  • Updating information in real-time: Dynamic QR codes can be used to provide the most current information to users, such as a menu at a restaurant or the schedule of events at a conference.
  • Personalizing the user experience: Dynamic QR codes can be used to provide personalized information or experiences to users based on their location or other factors.
  • Creating a call-to-action: Dynamic QR codes can be used to encourage users to take a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter or following a brand on social media.
  • Redirecting users to different content: Dynamic QR codes can be used to redirect users to different content or pages based on the context in which the QR code is scanned. For example, a QR code on a poster in a store could redirect users to a landing page with more information about the product being promoted.

Who uses QR Codes? What would be their job titles?

QR codes are used by a wide range of individuals and organizations in various industries.

Some examples of job titles of people who might use QR codes include:

  • Marketing professionals: Marketing professionals, such as marketing managers, digital marketers, and content marketers, may use QR codes as part of their campaigns to drive traffic to websites or social media accounts, or to collect data about their target audience.
  • Event planners: Event planners, such as conference organizers and trade show coordinators, may use QR codes to provide information about the event, such as schedules, maps, and speaker bios, or to facilitate check-ins and registration.
  • Retail professionals: Retail professionals, such as store managers and merchandisers, may use QR codes to provide information about products, such as sizing, pricing, and availability, or to promote sales and discounts.
  • Educators: Educators, such as teachers and professors, may use QR codes to provide access to educational resources, such as videos, articles, or interactive activities.
  • Government officials: Government officials, such as city planners and public health officials, may use QR codes to provide information about public services, such as transit schedules, vaccination clinics, and emergency alerts.
  • Medical professionals: Medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, may use QR codes to provide information about medications, treatment plans, and patient education.
  • IT professionals: IT professionals, such as web developers and network administrators, may use QR codes to provide access to online resources, such as websites, downloads, and login pages.

Tracking and Visitor Management System Features

Efficient Visitor Check-ins

Ditch the outdated approach of using manual check-ins (or collecting no data at all!). With our solution, you curate the customer experience from the moment they walk in the door. Visitors have the ability to complete a self-check-in by scanning a dynamic QR Code, clicking a trackable link, or by interacting with a kiosk/tablet.

Secure and Compliant

Keep your business safe and secure while also providing a streamlined check-in experience. Keep recordings on who is scanning and clicking your contactless QR Code trackers and links. Our tracking code software is a vital resource to any business that needs to maintain detailed records for compliance purposes.


Autonix is a powerful visitor analytics dashboard to bridge the physical world with a digital one. Track visitors, view insights and export data for use in other applications. Utilize multiple analytics views and aggregations to expose opportunities. With integrations into Google Analytics, Zapier, or our raw API, pipe real-time visitor with their check-in data directly into other applications.

Versatile Check-in Options

Autonix is a highly configurable check-in solution with options to customize branding, QR Code designs, check-in messages, pre/post check-in behavior and more! Just create a Tracker, configure it, and use our customizable dynamic QR Code Generator or copy a Autonix trackable link.

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Why Choose Autonix

Open new opportunities with Autonix's easy to use contactless, trackable dynamic QR Code Tracking and Visitor Management Solutions.

Autonix is intuitive software that features easy-to-implement yet highly configurable check-in tools (Dynamic QR Code Tracking, tracking URLs, and Kiosks) and analytics. Our visitor management and tracking system can seamlessly integrate into your existing suite of business tools (such as Google Analytics and Zapier), which makes for an easy transition.

At Autonix, we know that integrating software that changes people-flow is a big decision. That is why we offer a free trial on all paid plans that allow you to explore our product for your use case.

Once you have visitors, employees, and vendors checking-in to Autonix with our trackable dynamic QR Codes and links, we know that you will never want to do business without it.

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