Autonix Makes QR Code Tracking Easy.

From signup to setup we made creating an analyzing QR Code Trackers simple.

Add a Tracker

Customize how people will interact with your trackable dynamic QR Code & URLs with Autonix Trackers.


Share QR Codes

Autonix will provide you with a customizable Dyanmic QR Code and a tracking URL. Present these to Visitors on signage, replace links, in print, in menus, event ticketing, etc.


Welcome Visitors

People scan your QR Codes and the tracking begins. Autonix gives you real time visitor monitoring, and an invaluable snapshot of who visited when. Utilize our more advanced tracker types to collect information. View example use cases

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Real-time visitor stats at your fingertips.

Autonix digests the activity for every Tracker and makes it easy to see how visitors are interacting with your QR Codes and Links.

Real-time Scans and Clicks

Visit KPIs and Demographics

Returning Visitors

Repeat Visits


Filter it down to the minute.

Autonix gives you a detailed visit log for every tracking endpoint. Use this information to find specific visitors, customers during a specific time-frame, or for future re-marketing.

Give Autonix A Try

Autonix is free to try and easy to use. Not ready? Chat with us now to see if we're the right fit. Otherwise check out our pricing and give it a try!