Dynamic QR Code Tracking Solutions

Use Dynamic QR Codes for an easy-to-implement, visitor-friendly, customer-flexible visitor tracking solution.

QR Code Generator

Use our Customize trackable dynamic QR Code Generator to open up a new world of analytics. Customize dots, eyes, colors, add a logo, and export in a variety of formats.
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Trackable Links

Use our custom dynamic links to track all web traffic including browser, geo, as well as conversion metrics before they ever reach your desired URL.
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For Social Media

Replace your "link in bio" with an Autonix link and instantly take ownership of your social media following, opening 1st party opportunites for marketing and monetization.
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Simple contact tracing solution to notify opt-in visitors that they've been exposed to a known individual with coronavirus during a certain time frame.
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Use Autonix for everything from host-stand check-ins, waitlists, promos, or to build custom loyalty programs. Develop insight into peak/lull times.
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Real Estate Sales

Build per-property prospect lists by requiring people check-in during open-houses or unmanned information signs outside.
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Building Management & Construction

Digitally track time-in and time-out for all visitors and residents to a building or other secured location with managed, kiosk, or contactless options.
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Large Events/Conferences

Service thousands of visitors in a short period of time with an easy to use check-in system. Identify power visitors to curate future events accordingly.
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Security & Local Government

Catalog visitors, durations and frequencies across various functions with simple, flexible, and exportable search and reporting systems.
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QR Codes For Voting

Share, scan or print QR Codes and Links by state linking to the official voter registration website.
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Remote Workforce

Allow trusted remote workers to check-in on their mobile device while they are on and off the job using a simple digital punch clock.
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Your Business

Autonix was built without any industry in mind, a fully flexible visitor management platform giving insight into all kinds of businesses with endless use cases.
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Why does my organization need visitor management software?

The right visitor management software can have a far-reaching impact on the success of your organization. Even if you’re already looking for a visitor management system, you might not realize all of the advantages that a comprehensive visitor management platform can offer.

The features of a robust visitor management solution span far beyond mere visitor check-in.

What do the best visitor management systems do?

The best visitor management systems deliver the data-driven analytics you need in the format you want. Do you have to migrate to a new, rigid platform and adjust to all of its quirks, or can you customize your visitor management system for your specific needs? Can you adapt your visitor management software for novel uses? Can you tailor its functionality to help you tackle new challenges and opportunities?

When it’s time to choose a visitor management software solution for your organization, be sure to select a product that offers features directly relevant to your business.

Maybe in addition to checking in visitors, you want them to directly interact with your organization and form a deeper connection. For instance:

  • A restaurant, for instance, might want to notify guests about a promotion or daily special during their contactless check-in. A visitor management system can get the word out for you.
  • A building may need to notify entrants of a safety concern, or directions to a conference room for a meeting or event. Your visitor management system can handle that with an automated SMS message sent to visitors when they scan their access credentials at the entrance or a check-in point.
  • A real-estate agent might be trying to gauge interest in different properties and notify potential buyers of listing changes or details about the property or neighborhood. With a visitor management system like Autonix, Open House attendees can scan a QR code to sign in and receive updates on a catalog of properties!

A great visitor management systems will increase productivity and security, along with visitor privacy, while promoting a polished, professional image for your organization, and providing you with the data you need to make confident decisions.

But the best visitor management system puts all of these features at your fingertips seamlessly, and has the versatility to adapt its implementation to an array of other fruitful use-cases that foster greater opportunities for organizational success.



Eliminate redundancies and potential input errors by automating your visitor information uploads. The information enters your system in real-time, with no processing lags or administrative delays.


Know who’s on the premises, and how often they’ve been there before, so you can flag any unusual or suspicious activity. Visitor profiles allow you to track each visitor’s all-time usage history for your records, and access zones alert you when visitors try to enter an area that’s off limits.


Visitor privacy is a priority, and your visitors will want to know you value their privacy and protect their sensitive personal data. Checking in digitally prevents visitors from seeing who checked in before them, and all data is collected with visitor consent.


Step up your branding by reaching visitors where they are. Make a strong first impression by presenting visitors with a polished, elegant check-in process, or add an interactive element to your location with QR codes that send visitors special offers or valuable insights to optimize their experience.


The most informed business decisions are driven by clear, reliable, and complete data. Your visitor management system will give you insights into the way visitors interact with your building so you can make the right choices about things like staffing, security, and building layout without second-guessing yourself.


Augmenting the lines of communication will foster greater success in any business. Give visitors a more user-friendly experience with digital check-ins that link them to promotional or informational materials. Let visitors tell you when they’re coming – so you can be ready – and how they move through your building.

A visitor check-in software solution should offer more than visitor sign-in

The best visitor management software should provide more use-cases than just contactless check-in. A robust visitor management solution should help you develop a deeper understanding of your building and your organizational needs. The best visitor management solutions should provide you with data on the behavior of your visitors throughout their visit to your location. This includes customers, employees, guests and vendors.

Individual visitor logs are great to have, but what about multi-site detailed analytics of visitor behavior patterns and trends? A comprehensive visitor management system means customizable dashboards that can provide an added level of safety, allowing your organization to take a proactive approach to security, as opposed to being reactive. Meta data will give you a detailed, overhead view of your building and how your visitors interact with it.

Here's one example:

Say you’re running a large conference or event. You might want to use a visitor management system to help control your crowd flow by allowing attendees to check in virtually and receive a gate pass and event map – thus avoiding long lines and choke points.

But you’ll also be getting real-time analytics that help you gauge whether the event is properly staffed – and what areas need greater attention – as well as valuable visitor data you can use to remarket to guests and drive attendance for future events.

Your system will also help you with security and compliance. You can monitor trends on a per location basis, export data in groups, or track an individual across multiple locations with visitor logs. Effectively tracking a visitor’s activities and history reduces potential liability and gives you a thorough account of any suspicious behaviour.

Electronic forms will collect confirmation from visitors that they consent to data collection, in cases where such consent is necessary to maintain compliance with legal regulations – just another little thing that you’ll never have to worry about.

Visitor management systems can even be used to keep track of a remote workforce. You can monitor check-ins across various locations, days, and times, and keep an eye on access to ensure better maintenance and security on your platform.

A comprehensive visitor management system should offer solutions far beyond checking in guests. The customizable analytics and security features will open up new avenues for growth and cultivate greater overall success for your organization.

The best visitor management app is easy-to-implement and user-friendly

The best visitor management app is seamlessly implemented and intuitive for users. The right visitor management system should offer you features that can assist in minimizing useless administrative tasks. Remember, when you choose a visitor management system, you should also select a product with unique features for your business.

Autonix visitor management solutions offer a versatility and adaptability that is unmatched in the industry. Our software offers seamless integration into your pre-existing suite of business tools, so you don’t have to migrate or update any of your current systems. Our customizable dashboards and user-friendly interface make implementing visitor management easy and put the specific visitor data you need in the place you want it.

If you want a comprehensive visitor management system that you can easily plug into your current organizational tools, look no further than Autonix. Our application delivers an array of visitor management solutions that can improve your organization’s day-to-day operations and promote future growth and success.

Create a more powerful, immersive organizational experience with Autonix, and discover everything visitor management can do for you! The solutions are truly endless.

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