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Free Static QR Code Generator (with Logo)

Generate Static QR Codes for free with Autonix's QR Code Generator! The Autonix Free Static QR Code Generator with Logo allows users to create custom QR codes easily and for free. This tool offers the flexibility to include a personalized logo at the center, enhancing brand visibility and recognition. It's designed for simplicity and efficiency, catering to both personal and professional needs for unique QR code creation.

How To Generate a Free QR Code

Generating a free QR code is easy with Autonix and the instructions below. Simply enter your the URL you want to take people to with our user-friendly interface. Download and print your QR code to share with guests and customers for easy redirects.

Enter Your URL

Enter the URL you want people to be taken to when they scan your QR Code. You can optionally add a center image to your QR Code. QR Codes can be further customized by creating a free account at Autonix

Generate Your QR Code

Click "Generate QR Code", our QR Code Generator will create a unique static QR Code. You can download the QR Code as a PNG and place it in any doc or image before printing.

Share It!

Print and share your free static QR Code with visitors or customers, and they can easily scan and be taken to any URL! NOTE: This is not a trackable or dynamic QR Code. For that please sign up for Autonix to create a free account.


What is a Static QR code?

A Static QR code is a type of QR code that is bound to a single URL which cannot be changed after the fact. In contrast, a dynamic QR Code allows you to make changes to the destination URL at any time without reprinting the QR Code.

How do I create a Static QR code?

To create a WiFi QR code, you can use a QR code generator tool like the one above. Simply enter your URL, and the generator will create a scannable QR code for you.

Can I customize the QR Code?

To create customizable QR Codes, you need an acccount with Autonix. Simply signup for a free account.

How do I create a trackable QR code?

To create a trackable QR code with Autonix, simply signup for a free account. To learn more, check out our documentation on How To: Create a QR Code.

Can anyone scan my QR code?

Yes, anyone with a smartphone camera and/or a QR code scanning app can scan your QR code.

Can I update it if my URL changes?

No! Unfortunately the code here is 'static'. Autonix offers a varity of trackable dynamic QR Codes but this is our static version.


Easier to scan vs type in a URL
Recognizable across any language
Concise square image minimizes impact on creatives