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QR Code Tracker

QR Codes have become gradually more popular through social media, online purchases, in-person ordering, and all types of situations with reasons that make whatever it is you are doing easier. While invented in 1994 by a Japanese company, it wasnt until the onset of the COVID pandemic of 2020 that led to widespread adoption by everyone. Once every restaurant menu was behind a QR Code, even an 85 year old grandmother now knows how to use a scanning device for a QR Code scan.

All of the QR Codes now in the word creates a new opportunity for QR Code solutions and their ability to track the number of QR Code scans. Autonix has taken QR Code tracking further by implementing even more tools and insight.

QR code scans are complex technology that is simple to scan and even simpler to make. Since many businesses have opted to go paperless/touch-less/contactless, QR codes have been increasingly more popular due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the process. 

It is surprising how easy it is to make a scannable QR code online. There are so many available generators that offer so much more than just QR Codes, but Autonix is a software company that provides that and other advancements. Mainly the ability to track QR code scans. The ability to make a trackable QR code brings new light to digital designs, marketing efforts, print media, visitor management and the like.

It is crucial to understand what QR Codes are, how they work, how tracking them can improve your business and the difference between dynamic and static QR Codes. So, before diving into a business that you hope will use one, do your research about QR Codes and the benefits they provide by generating them through Autonix.

What Is a QR Code?

A QR Code is essentially a more intricate barcode in the shape of a square. The acronym itself is an initialism for a quick response code. The square consists of thousands of black characters on a white background in a matrix format, but unlike barcodes, QR Codes don't include straight lines. 

Each QR code is unique to only itself and unlike any other and has become increasingly popular due to its fast readability and storage capability. 

They can be discovered online or in-person on menus, bottles, etc. They have mostly become popular for advertising purposes, as the smartphone has become increasingly popular with the new technology advancements in the 21st century. 

Furthermore, it is more accessible for consumers to follow instead of posting a long URL code on advertisements. Easy to scan, QR codes are accessible through your smartphone's camera. 

Point your camera at the code, and it will register with its designated link. Your camera will open the link to the internet or whatever is encrypted within the code. QR codes can be linked to multiple platforms, like PDFs, online menus, phone numbers, apps, etc.  

In the case of generating a QR Code online, most people or companies do so to provide further information on a social media or website page. This information wouldn't fit with the other context on the page, so scanning the matrix redirects them to learn more.   To do this, companies and individuals use a QR Code Generator.

What Is a QR Code Generator?

QR Codes are so complex they have to be created through generators that make each one specific to whatever URL or PDF they are meant to take you to. 

QR Code generators create your specific QR Code. You can personalize QR codes depending on the generator the user utilizes. Advanced ones can include photos or logos inside the matrix box. 

You need to have a link to a URL or whatever you are linking your QR Code to before using the generator to make one. After that, it essentially places the information inside the QR Code, so scanning works. You can then use the QR Code anywhere you wish to scan it for easy accessibility and high visibility for your company. 

What Are Dynamic QR Codes? 

Dynamic QR Codes differ from static ones because of the way they can. Static QR Codes, the ones previously mentioned, cannot be altered once they are made. They will stick to the same URL and cannot be changed to redirect users to different sites. Static QR Codes can't be updated.

Dynamic QR Codes can be updated and provide multiple different opportunities for your business. With the QR Code generated, you can switch the link. It can redirect the user to a new site because of how short the URL embedded is. 

Dynamic QR Codes are more popular because of how advanced they are. Dynamic QR codes can be tracked and recorded to show trends in customer behavior.

What Is a Dynamic QR Code Generator With Tracking?

Static QR codes are not trackable, but Dynamic QR Codes can be. In this case, tracking is what keeps the data from your QR Code recorded so you can look back at it. 

Tracking gives you access to the information on the number of people scanning your QR Codes, which can be a huge step up if you are using them for business purposes. 

These tracking capabilities are useful. They can help determine how effective the QR codes are compared to other marketing tools the company utilizes.  

What Are the Benefits of Dynamic QR Code Generators With Tracking? 

Tracking can provide data and allow you to visit analytics for your company. For example, with dynamic QR code tracking, you can see how your business is doing through customer behavior. Autonix's ability to track QR code scans gives it an amazing ability to track qr code usage. By doing so, you'll be flooded with QR Code analytics.

Having these analytics can further your business by having them track things like: total scans, unique scans, devices, browsing and operating systems used, location, and time. Understanding these dynamics will effectively help reach the designated target markets for future use. 

Trackable QR Codes can also improve your company or website's Search Engine Optimization, sending more traffic to your desired website and making your website more visible and findable to new potential customers. It also will help companies understand what type of users they are attracting and can generate more business. 

QR Code Tracking

In order to implement QR Code Tracking, you need to either build a trackable qr code in-house or use a QR Code solution like Autonix. Autonix is built around tracking in general, QR Codes created are the result of being able to distribute shareable tracking endpoints. With Autonix, you can track the number of scans, link clicks, form completions conversions and more.

Google Analytics

Autonix isnt greedy with its data. We offer a robust API endpoint to our larger clients, but, all plans include the ability to provide a google analytics tag. This will automatically place YOUR google analytics tag on our check-in pages, sending events directly to your google analytics dashboard.

What Is Autonix? 

Autonix is digital visitor management and tracking software that aids you in creating, tracking, and implementing QR Codes and other Links. It is first and foremost a "tracking platform", but behind the scenes it is also a QR Code generator dashboard, where you can track QR code usage, QR Code analytics, and all other types of tracking data. Our robust QR tracker, QR Code Tracking Solutions, are used to further their analytics and provide a complete QR Code solution. 

In addition, they provide customers and users with Dynamic QR codes and Dynamic QR code tracking with other features. While there are many free QR generators in today's online realm, Autonix provides more useful QR Code tracking capabilities than those competitors.  

Depending on what you are attempting to do with your business by generating QR Codes and implementing QR Code tracking, Autonix offers three different plans, two of which start with a Free Plan, allowing you to determine whether Autonix is the right QR Code Generator for you. 

The first option Autonix offers to their potential customers is the essentials, which are QR Code generating, tracking, and analytics.

The second provides you with more, including everything contained in the essentials, plus advanced data collection and additional customization, which allows for further tracking of customers and more valuable statistics for the company.

The third option meant for customers looking to implement a full-on QR code tracking system comes with all of the above and even more features that help you jumpstart your business, like custom domains and API Access. 

Mobile apps, software applications, developers, and building management tools will be allowed access to pertinent data through API access, making QR code tracking work for all types of use cases.

Is Autonix a QR Code tracking solution?

Yes! But not just that. Autonix was built as a visitor management and tracking solution. QR Code tracking is a feature of Autonix, and one we take very seriously. Every tracker you create with Autonix is shareable via dynamic qr code, its also accessible via our custom url shortener, and kiosk mode.

QR Code tracking is easy with Autonix. We provide the ability to customize QR Code styles, colors, and formats. Download QR Codes as EPS, SVG, PNG and we even predesigned a printable PDF, ready for distribution at your future offline campaigns.

How To Generate QR Codes With Autonix

Through Autonix, it is quite simple to create a QR Code. You can do so on a Free Plan to see if you can see yourself using Autonix in the future for your business. Once you start your Free Plan, you can begin to create your QR Code.

What is a "QR Tracker"?

Autonix QR Codes are created within "trackers," the way Autonix groups code tracking. Once a tracker is created, a shareable modal is available which provides a QR code generator, trackable links and more. All customizable and downloadable. An easy way to create a tracking code. And with Autonix, all plans include unlimited QR Code tracking, link clicks, kiosk check-ins and more.

First, you need to decide what you wish to link to in your QR Code, such as URLs, Locations, vCard QR Codes, and more.... Most customers use a destination URL, then input it into the QR Code generator. Autonix provides you with all the information and resources needed to create trackable QR codes. 

Tracking QR Codes is easy with Autonix. Every tracker is essentially a QR Code campaign, and you can group each QR Code campaign easily on the dashboard to try to spot trends among visitors across a variety of views including by location, browser, time and more.

QR Code Tracking and Reporting System

QR code tracking and reporting systems are tools that record and view data from QR codes. The tool will let you see how well your campaigns are going and gain insight on how to improve them further. You can choose the option to report a QR code as an identifier to your company that is tracked by your company.

What is a Dynamic QR Code?

A dynamic QR code (vs a static qr code) is one which you can change its behavior AFTER it has been published. This feature alone is worth using a company like Autonix, as it ensures that once you utilize a QR Code, such as in a print media campaign, you are never married to the endpoint you created to being with.

How does QR Code tracking work?

Using Autonix trackers, which automatically turn everything into a dynamic qr code, you can track the behavior behind every interaction with the QR code. With each interaction (ie. a qr code scan), information hits Autonix servers. Because we've cataloged every QR code behind a "tracker," we can then create an analytics dashboard to analyze individual and groupings of Autonix trackers.

Are QR codes safe to use?

A QR code is a digital tool, so like any other digital tool, there could be instances where they are corrupt. Therefore, it is always best to use your best judgment for the business or company from which you are obtaining the QR code.  Within the Autonix system, we let you customize your QR Code, including choosing styles and colors. It is important to test a QR Code if you choose a color other than black, or distort the image in anyway, as it may break.

If you are familiar with them and know them to be credible, you're most likely safe to use their QR codes. Conversely, you should avoid using QR codes from companies you aren't familiar with or seem nefarious. 

Can you save a QR code?

Essentially, a QR code is just an image. You can take a picture, screenshot, or download the image like you would any other picture to use at any time. 

However, in order to use a saved QR code, you will have to download and use a separate application. Apps like Google Lens or Google Photos have easy-to-use options for scanning QR codes from saved images. 

Where did QR Codes originate from? 

Masahiro Hara, an employee at the Japanese automotive company Denso Wave, invented the QR code to use as a tracking device with high-speed component scanning for cars as they went through the manufacturing process. 

Hara based the design for the black and white squares of the QR code off of the goban, or Go board, and stones used in the game Go. An empty Go board looks like a basic grid, but when the black and white stones used during game play are placed around the board, they make up similar patterns to what you see in a QR code. 

Do I need a Google Analytics Account?

QR Code Tracking is built into Autonix by default. Simply create an Autonix tracker, generate a tracking qr code, share it, and watch the stats roll in. Whether you need a Google Analytics Account is up to you. By adding your Google analytics information, we will automatically render Google analytics javascript on all available qr scan pages, which will populate your google analytics dashboard with events specific to Autonix. Its easy to connect google analytics. On each tracker, there is a "Conversions" tab, simply input your UA tag ID.


Generating Dynamic QR Codes is the future of all business, and it's easy with Autonix. Despite the complexity of QR Codes, the Autonix Qr code generator provides tracking and other advancements to help you make improvements and makes the process more effective for the longevity of the company's success.  With Autonix, you can create a free account today. Our generous trial period, variety of common QR Code types, design customizations, and more can bolster any marketing strategy today.

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