Effortlessly Gauge Property Interest And Notify Listing Changes


Never miss an interested buyer.

Simple contactless options to provide information and build prospects.


Contactless Options

Create a location/event specific check-in option available on the web or by SMS. Use provided QR codes and phone numbers to let customers request additional information. Utilize during open-houses for contactless check-in/out or post on listing signs.


On-Demand Listing Info

Provide post check-in information such as basic listing details and link to more information.


Invaluable Customer Information

Customer information aggregated by listing for future use. Utilize Autonix to build lists or easily export data into your CRM.


How much does it cost
to find the right buyer ?

Add a "contactless touchpoint" for buyers on a property specific basis with Autonix.

Free Plan available

Easy to implement

Invaluable insight

Loved by customers

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Contactless Visitor Management & Tracking Solutions

Add Contactless Visitor Management and Tracking Solutions to your business to gain invaluable insight into your visitors.

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