Simple Check-in Options For Trusted Remote Employees


Build trust in your remote workforce.

Offer easy to use check-in solutions for remote workers given them freedom to tell you when and where they are.


Remote Clock-in

Create a location for every area you want employees to notify you of arrival and exit to create a detailed log.


Monitor Visitor Activity

Use in-depth dashboards to monitor check-ins across all locations, days, and times. Keep an eye on access to ensure proper attention on things like maintenence and security.


Improve Workflows

Utilize data to find better workflows, or over/under attended access points across your organzation. Create a per-worker history for reviews.


How much does it cost
to not know whats going on?

Build an efficient remote workforce with invaluable insight with Autonix.

Free Plan available

Easy to implement

Invaluable insight

Loved by customers

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