Digital Papertrail For Vital Government & Security Functions


Security and compliance on any digital device.

Utilize the "time and place" capabilities of autonix to catalog attendees. An effective visitor management system for government.


Contactless Options

Create location/event specific check-in/out options, available on the web, by QR code, or SMS. Check-in visitors on their behalf or require check-in at a checkpoint. Provide information or links post check-in/out such as required forms, passes, etc.


Monitor Visitor Activity

Use in-depth dashboards to monitor check-ins across all locations, days, and times. Keep an eye on peak visit times to ensure your team is following protocols.


Search and Export

Utilize the data in a variety of ways. Monitors trends on a per location basis, export data in groups, or track an individual across multiple locations.


How much does it cost
to not know what happened?

Catalog and monitor visits for a variety of use-cases with Autonix.

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Contactless Visitor Management & Tracking Solutions

Add Contactless Visitor Management and Tracking Solutions to your business to gain invaluable insight into your visitors.

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